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Outstanding SEO and On-Demand Messaging Services to get you seen and heard.

Whatever your message is, if it's important enough to send then it's important enough to deliver!

Started back in 1993 long before the internet became the powerful business tool it is today, we worked with X.400 messaging over dial up. We ran one of the first pilots of e-ordering for a major british food retailer and provided dial up Email solutions based on cc:Mail. Ltd now serves the UK corporate business world along with local authority, NHS, and government departments with SEO services and high capacity, on-demand messaging solutions used in a wide range of applications and using the most prolific media of Fax, Email, and SMS Text.

If you want to get seen and heard we are the business to help you.

Used predominantly in high speed / high capacity, and auditable message syndication applications, we are very proud of our systems being used in some of the most mission critical applications imaginable. For instance our systems are used by the Blood Transfusion and Organ Donor Organisations in the UK. It really is hard to imagine a more critical application but when you see that we achieve a total delivery to all contacts within 60 seconds of message submission, it's not hard to understand why our bespoke messaging systems handle this job.

As a major player in the disaster recovery and business continuity space we are equally proud to be supplying front line and back up contingency to a number of government agencies and departments such as VOSA, Department for Transport, The Civil Aviation Authority, and the Environment Agency to name just a few. We also supply many NHS regions and trusts who need reliable and 'near instant' communications with GP's, Pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.

We set our standards very high and have a fanatical approach to our customer support. We know that when we are called upon, it really is urgent and react accordingly.

To see some of the markets we operate in and get a feel of how we may be able to help your organisation, please take time to browse our information. If you have a message cascade service or message syndication service application in mind or need help with your Search Engine Optimisation but are not sure if we can help you then the answer is "Yes we Can", but if you would like to contact us and discuss the solutions we'd be happy to show you how.

In all instances I assure you of my personal support. Ltd, Dalton House, 60 Windsor Ave, London, SW19 2RR. Ltd are proud suppliers to some of the UK's biggest businesses Including: