Email Best Practice
How do you know what's working?

Your contacts are what they click!

Not only is this true but you'll also find that your contacts friends are very similar and that means untapped customers for you. The problem is, how do you know who is reading your E-Mails, who is showing interest, who wishes you wouldn't send them anymore?

You must be measuring the effectiveness of your message if you are to fine tune your systems to bring predictable and scaleable results but just what can you measure?

There are some very basic measurements you must be taking. How does MailingManager compare to your system?
to Measure
From InTouchUK
No. of Emails Sent
No. of Emails Delivered
No. of soft bounces
No. of hard bounces
No. of Emails Read
No. of links clicked
Which links were clicked by whom
Number forwarded to a friend
No. of Unsubscribes
No. of Details ammended
What was main interest on landing page

These are just some of the parameters you need to be measuring if your efforts are to provide a strong return for you. You also need a mechanism of building a set of preferences your contact can express. This is like marketing gold dust when done right. Make sure the stats you get are the ones you need. Some hosted services, for example, show opening rates as a percentage of delivered messages so it looks good and takes your mind off the 60% or so that didn't deliver.

Make sure all stats are expressed as a percentage of E-Mails sent, then using SPAM screening services in MailingManager you can increase the total E-Mails you get delivered, then use the Preview Pane techniques to increase the number of E-Mails that get opened. Then use the targeting and preferences to increase the relevance and so click through rates, and finally use the customised landing pages to generate unstoppable business.

With MailingManager you can do all this and more.

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