Email Best Practice
How to Out-Market Anyone!

Speak Directly to Each Individual - en masse

Can you imagine just how powerful it would be to have an E-Mail message which configures itself, at time of delivery, such that the most relevant issue to that particular contact was shown as the lead item and reflected in the subject line.

How much more effective do you think that would be than a simple blanket message?. Imagine you have some low cost flights to promote and a third of your list live within 20 miles of Standstead airport, a third within 30 miles of Manchester airport and the remaining 3rd live in Scotland. How powerful would it be to have the E-Mail going to the contacts in Scotland to have the subject line:

"Amazing flight deals from Glasgow and other UK airports"

and the very same E-Mail, when delivered to a contact near Stanstead, had the subject line;

"Amazing flight deals from Stanstead and other UK airports"

This is one E-Mail campaign, one message, sent once only it just configures itself based on some key preferences you decide are important to your business and your contact has indicated there relative importance to them.

Now, what if the Glasgow contact was excited by the E-Mail title as they were looking to book a flight but when they opened up their E-Mail it showed a list of offers but he couldn't see Glasgow as it was right at the bottom and they gave up and deleted.

What if the E-Mail they received rearranged itself so that the Glasgow offers were at the very top of the list and its what they saw first, right there in the preview pane large font. Also, the same E-Mail, when it reached the inbox of a Stanstead local, had the Stanstead offers at the very top.


In an online world where relevance is everything, do you think this would be more effective than a single blanket message sent to everyone regardless.

If your marketing item speaks directly to your contact they will be blown away. You set the key preferences that influence who buys what from you and you ask your contacts to tell you which of these are most important to them. You then aim your marketing messages directly at the preferences they have told you matter to them. Don't worry, we can show you how to do this.

You're probably thinking that this fancy technology would cost an arm and a leg and you'd be wrong on two counts.

1) It's a hosted, Software as a Solution, service so costs very little full stop.

2) This laser guided pin point accuracy means you only spend your high level marketing efforts where they are virtually guaranteed to give you a great return.

For example, suppose you run a wine merchants and you want to boost your red wine sales. You have a list of customers that you have been profiling for a while so know quite a lot about. You have a few hundred regular red wine buyers, a few hundred who buy both red and white, and a few hundred who only by white. Now your high level marketing spend will be on giving a free bottle of your finest red to entice customers in. So which of the following is the best value for you?

A) You send a free bottle to everyone, even those that already by red wine

B) You send a free bottle to those who don't buy red from you but have indicated they do by red elsewhere as they can never find the one they want at your store.

OK, your more complex profiling and E-Mail campaign may have cost a couple of pounds more than a simple E-Mail blast out, it may even have been cheaper, but it led to a far more focussed and targeted high level action saving you hundreds of pounds if not more.

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