Email Best Practice
A Threat to your In-House Systems

Black Listed or slowed to a crawl.....Your choice!

There is one big problem with E-Mail today, but by working with us it becomes your advantage. We are, of course, referring to SPAM. Now, we can show you how to move from being an annoyance to being a trusted sender of valued messages. We can get you to the stage where your SPAM scores are so low your messages pass scrutiny of the harshest of filters. We can even get you to the point of having your messages fast tracked to the recipient completely by-passing the SPAM filters. We can get your messages opened by more people, we can get your messages read by more people, and we can get more people to take action on your messages. Non of this is a problem when you work with Ltd.

However, anyone running Email campaigns from their own In-House mail systems open themselves up to very real risks.

A 3 hour delay to all company Email

The whole company Email down for 5 days

What would these situations cost the business? Lost orders, lost new business enquiries, late purchases leading to delays in production. We're guessing the business owners wouldn't be too impressed. Especially as it's totally avoidable It would be like running a telemarketing campaign and having all the marketers come to your offices and use all the desks and phones that the sales & accounts teams need.

Using your own E-Mail systems, apart from the fact that they cannot do the job correctly, is taking un justifiable and unnecessary risks with your business. As is using a basic hosted SMTP platform to blast out E-Mails. You may avoid 2 risks this way but a third remains.

If you're serious about getting a great return from your E-Mail marketing and customer retention you must have a platform with built in contact management allowing you to automatically build a profile of your contacts. You must have automated bounce handling otherwise you run the risk of being Black Listed and your Email domain being shut down for 5 days. It must run on MailSafe managed servers to give fast, clean delivery. It should have a 'Forward to Friend' to introduce a Viral marketing element and grow your contact base organically, and it must support automated Web sign up and preference gathering.

Our MailingManager service does all this...

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