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My branding should be here My Amazing offer is here

Imagine spending ages, not to mention a great deal of money creating a great looking Email with logo's, graphics, images, and full company branding which looks fantastic on a web page but when you Email it out all the recipients see is blank boxes like above. Do you think they're going to be impressed with you as a company? Are they going to rush to take you up on your amazing offer? ( if only they knew what it was ), or are they going to HIT DELETE

There is no quicker way to get your, hard earned, customer contact deleted before they even view it.

Did you know that there is a choice of at least 6 main E-Mail client programs that your contact may be using to view your emails?.

Did you also know that each of these has different rules about how it displays your email?

Did you know that most corporate Email client installations will block images as standard until the user clicks to accept them?.

GMail, HotMail, Yahoo, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, AOL, Outlook Express are all in popular use and all have different restrictions. For instance GMail removes anything before the body tags, doesn't show the CSS Style Background and doesn't show the CSS style Font-family. Outlook 2007 doesn't support title tags for any HTML element and doesn't support alt text so when your images are blocked there's no text to explain what should be there.

So what can you do?
You only have Outlook 2003 and it all looks fine to you. How can you possibly tell what your Email will look like in each of the alternate Email clients? Well MailingManager from InTouchUK has a preview system which lets you see exactly what your mail will look like when viewed by each of the main EMail clients. This way you can make sure your message is conveyed suitably in each of them. You may well have to compromise on fancy graphics and you may well have to run the risk of the corporate 'Brand Police' paying you a visit, but including a fancy bit of graphic branding which either won't display or displays corrupted is no good to anyone.

What about contacts who use a Blackberry or simply won't accept HTML?
You'll have to send a plain text version of your Email message so you'll have to create a second version and anyway, how can you possible know who is setup to need a plain text message only?. The reality is that with MailingManager from InTouchUK you don't have to create a second version and you don't have to know who needs to receive it. MailingManager has a one click system that generates a plain text version of the HTML Email and by default sends as a 2 part MIME message so if the HTML is not suitable or gets blocked, the plain text part carries on and delivers your message automatically.

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