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Avoiding the SPAM Traps
What do points make?... SPAM Traps!

A SPAM filter is simple a bit of software which looks at your Email and follows rules to assign points to certain words or phrases. The higher the score the more likely your Email is to be blocked as SPAM.

How much do you have to score to get blocked?

Well, out of the box most SPAM filters are set to 4.5 meaning any mail scoring over this level is assumed to be SPAM and will be blocked. However this setting is user definable and many local authority, government, or civil service type of organisation tends to chop this right down to 2. This means that if your Email scores 2 or more from the SPAM filter your message is blocked. Regardless of who it's from, what it's about, or how important it is. This is true even if your recipient is expecting your E-Mail or has requested it!

So how easy is it to get a score of 2 or more?

The answer, you'll be horrified to learn, is very easy!

The word 'Viagra' scores 1 point as you'd expect but,
The word 'Free' scores 1.2 points
The word 'picture' scores 0.8 points
The word 'spend' scores 0.6 points
The word 'Job' scores 0.6 point
The word 'Team' scores 0.6 point
The word 'save' scores 0.6 point

What about this, the word 'unsubscribe' scores 1 point, and the phrase 'click here' scores 1 point

So an Email with the line 'Click here to unsubscribe' score 2 points just for this line and would never get through to an organisation whose SPAM filter had been set down to 2!.

What's more staggering is that, an EU Guideline in 2003 states that any E-Mail sent must offer the recipient a clear opportunity to decline further communications through an unsubscribe link.

So what can you do?

Well, you can get hold of the most popular SPAM filter rule books and go through your Email word by word painstakingly checking the scores of each word used and keeping tabs on your total. Wait! wouldn't it be great if there were a tool that let you create an Email or import existing text or HTML and then, at the click of a button, showed you what the SPAM score was and what words and phrases were contributing what amount to it?

MailingManager from InTouchUK does just this. In fact it is packed with features that overcome each and every problem area highlighted in this Best Practice Guide. Study the whole guide and you'll quickly see why it's a must have service and that it will pay for itself over and over again by helping you manage a vastly more effective E-Mail campaign giving you a return on your investment. It even includes a simple feature whcih, if used, actually reduces your SPAM score. Intrigued?

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