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Your Messages get Deleted

You've got one chance and six lines of text.
So..Do you feel lucky?

You may not believe this, and that's fine. We're just sharing with you what recent research has uncovered about how people generally process E-Mails in their in-box. Think about how you scan over your Emails.

Over 80% of all E-Mails are processed and actioned from the preview pane. So they see the from details, they see the subject line, and if they still haven't deleted it, they view the preview pane. Now the preview pane is the small section at the bottom of the screen which shows the first 6 or so lines of the E-Mail. It can be made bigger but this is the default and is rarely changed.

So you have a fair chance your E-Mail will be deleted just on the strength of the 'From' details, and an even bigger chance of deletion if you don't get the subject right, but assuming your message survives this process what do you put in your first 6 lines?

Take a look at some of the mails you've sent recently, particularly promotional ones. Does what you see in the preview pane give you any clue to what benefit reading the message is going to bring to you? Does it give you any idea what action you are being asked to take? Does the preview pane show a graphic or logo. If you've gone through the other sections of this guide you'll now know that there is a better than even chance that this may display as an empty white box.

Quite frankly its a mine field and there no reason why you should be expected to know what works and what doesn't but we can help. InTouchUK have been involved in marketing for a number of years and in that time have built up quite a lot of experience. We can guide you to make the right choice in terms of 'From' details. You'd be amazed at some of the major corporations who get this so wrong. Doing it right can get your message past even the strictest SPAM filter without so much as a glance!.

Subject lines are different for every message but we know what type of words work and which get instant deletion. We also have a trick to allow you to see how different subjects will perform before you send the message to your whole list.

We can help you get the first 6 lines just right so they convey what the message is about, what benefits there are to the reader and what actions they can take.

Trust    Interest    Action   

This is the journey you need your contact to take when they see your E-Mail pop into their in box. Get any one step wrong and you're deleted.

Your 'From' detail should instill trust. We can show you how.
Your 'Subject' should highten their interest in what you have to say. We can show you how
Your 'Email body' should make them want to take the action you require. We can show you how

Which inbox line are you more likely to click?
From Subject Received March 2009 Newsletter Tue 17/03/2009 11:35 Ltd 6 Great Tips to Boost your Business Profits Tue 17/03/2009 11:36

Now we have to make sure we get the targeting right with our message, Which is something else we can help you with, but although these E-Mails would carry exactly the same message, one is highly likely to be deleted and the other is highly likely to be read.

Now assuming your most basic objective is to get your message read, working with Ltd with just this brief section in this guide will do just that.

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