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Don't get Black Listed

Your entire company Email system down for 5 days!

Can this really happen as a result of your Email work?. Oh Yes if you don't manage your bounces!

This is one of the great dangers of running campaigns from your own in house E-Mail systems. There are more which we cover elsewhere, but lets take a look at how this can happen all too easily.

You send out a number of special offers throughout the week to your list. You always get some bounce backs but you just delete the messages. Did you know that if you continually send mail to a bouncing address over a short period of time, your ISP's automated systems can black list your domain for 5 days. This is designed to help mitigate the effects of a Trojan virus attack.

You see, they assume your email system has fallen victim to a trojan virus that sits and merrily mails out SPAM behind the scenes and unknown to you. So your email system is black listed around the world and you won't be able to send a single email to anyone with even the basic checking employed.


"Sorry boss. I realise you had to confirm your place on the golf day by E-Mail today but I've not been managing the bounced EMails and now our whole company Email is out for 5 days."

In an ideal world, what we would have is a hosted E-Mail management system than protects your own company Email system from this type of danger and also automatically manages the Email bounces and takes them off your list as soon as they occur, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

That's exactly what you get with InTouchUK. Our MailingManager service is hosted on full MailSafe servers and includes a range of automated Webforms, unsubscribe links and bounce handling so you don't have to worry about anything.

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